Nitu Hans Ph.D

Consultation & Supervision:

I have been providing supervision to practicum level students, pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral students at different training sites in the field of neuropsychology. Currently I work at the Integrated Health Psychology Training Program offered at the Wright Institute in Contra Costa County Regional Medical Centers. We follow a live-supervision model.

I provide consultation to early career neuropsychologists. Consulation provides help in determining a plan for assessment. In addition, supervision and feedback is critical in understanding the case and developing treatment recommendations.



Panel Discussions and Grand Rounds:

Parenting in the Era of technology. Healthy Mind, Healthy You Mind Matters: How Emotions Impact Your Health. Community Wellness Event, Indian Cultural Center, Milpitas, CA. Sethi, S., Waikar, M., Singh, N., Hans, N.,(2019, February).

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Use of Translators in Neuropsychological testing: Panel Discussion on integrating psychotherapy and neuropsychology within a multiculturalism Framework, CSPP, San Francisco, CA. Hans N., (2015, December)

Pediatric Neuropsychology-Guest speaker Grand Rounds- neuropsychology seminar, Palo Alto University, Los Altos CA. Hans N., (2015, March)

Multicultural Issues in Neuropsych Assessment Grand Rounds, Palo Alto University, Los Altos CA. Hans N. (2014, May)

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